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13. 08. 2015

— A Holiday in Cambodia

Despite having siphoned some gasoline into his bike’s tank before leaving the airport, our driver’s engine sputters and dies on our way to the hotel. We roll into a gas station on fumes,...

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07. 11. 2014

— How to Find Cool Stuff to Do on the Weekends

A friend recently asked me, “How do you find out about all the cool stuff you do every weekend?” See how anyone can find cool stuff to do on the weekends.

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05. 07. 2014
House of Voodoo

— A Bachelor Party in the Big Easy: New Orleans

When my groomsmen kidnapped me for a bachelor party weekend, I had no idea we were headed to New Orleans.

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02. 07. 2014
Welcome to Palestine...WV

— A Roll of the Dice: Palestine, WV

After rolling a ten sided die 5 times in a row, we drove to the random zip code that chance provided: Palestine, West Virginia.

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06. 03. 2014
D&R Canal Bank

— Canoeing the D&R Canal

The D&R Canal is a historical state park that cuts across New Jersey. We went canoeing from one end to the other. Check out the story in our own backyard!

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06. 09. 2013
... of the Bulls!

Surviving Pamplona, and the Running of the Bulls

Pamplona's running of the bulls San Fermin festival is a great party -- just be careful when you hop that fence!

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24. 08. 2013

5 comforts of home I missed about America

Traveling is great but after a long time on the road you get to miss certain comforts of home. You can take an American out of the US...

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28. 06. 2013
Puaena Point

Oahu: From One End to the Other

Oahu isn't as built up as many claim. There are a ton of activities that many tourists never get to check out -- take a look at what we've found.

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04. 06. 2013
Ketchikan Brothers

Northern Lights

Warning: this is an epic post! But how else could I describe an epic road trip to Alaska with my brother?

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09. 05. 2013
View from the top of Ek' Balam.

Why I Choose To Travel Independently

We made the final push and wheezed our way up the narrow ancient steps, barely wide enough for a child’s foot. With hardly another soul in sight, the blazing Mexican sun beat across...

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01. 05. 2013
Capturing the after-glow of sunset along the breaker in Huron, OH.

3 Reasons Why A Well Planned Trip Is Worth It

Even though I only have the opportunity to go on a few adventures every year, I still feel like a traveler all the time. When planning a trip, I enjoy taking an intense...

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