30. 11. 2014

— The Solo Traveler Series: Madrid

Madrid through the eyes of a solo-traveler.

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18. 08. 2014

— How to See A Big Chunk of Italy in Two Weeks

With only two weeks vacation, you can still see a big chunk of Italy just by following our itinerary.

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03. 01. 2014
Exercise caution on La Rambla

5 Scams that Happened to me in Europe

Don't get taken advantage of by con artists in Europe. Traveling abroad? Check out these popular scams.

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19. 10. 2013
Westminster Bridge

— You Can Not Win a Shell Game

P.T. Barnum famously said there’s a sucker born every minute. Learn from my mistakes: you cannot win a shell game!

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06. 09. 2013
... of the Bulls!

Surviving Pamplona, and the Running of the Bulls

Pamplona's running of the bulls San Fermin festival is a great party -- just be careful when you hop that fence!

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24. 08. 2013

5 comforts of home I missed about America

Traveling is great but after a long time on the road you get to miss certain comforts of home. You can take an American out of the US...

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