16. 01. 2016

— The 52 Weekends Series: #1

This will be an experiment. I’ll cobble together a list of great adventures that anyone – local or tourist – can replicate over the course of a weekend, usually starting on a Friday night and ending on Sunday afternoon. By the end of the series, there should be something to do in NJ for every weekend of the year.

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31. 12. 2014

— 7 group activities that are actually pretty fun by yourself

Just because no one will go along with you doesn't mean you have to stay home. Try these "group" activities that are actually pretty fun by yourself.

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06. 03. 2014
D&R Canal Bank

— Canoeing the D&R Canal

The D&R Canal is a historical state park that cuts across New Jersey. We went canoeing from one end to the other. Check out the story in our own backyard!

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