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5 Reasons Why This U.S. City Was Named One Of The Best For Solo Travel

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During the last few years of border restrictions, most people have learned to become comfortable traveling locally and by themselves. When countries shut down and air travel was near impossible, residents of the States looked to road trips and nearby travel to find some solace. 

A recent study released by Fifty Grande showed that 64% of participants planned to take a solo trip that year, and 64% of people said that trip would be within the U.S.

Out of the 689 respondents, 84% of them have traveled alone before at some point, and there is one city in the U.S. that is particularly great for solo travelers — Boston.


As a whole, Massachusetts is an excellent choice for solo traveling. From the hiking trails in the Berkshires to the buzzing atmosphere of the city, a multitude of activities across the state allows solo travelers to immerse themselves in a new place while meeting plenty of people. 

You won’t have to wander far in Boston to feel right at home. The perfect thing about the city is that it comes alive during all seasons. Summers are filled with boat trips and lobster rolls, while winters are for park sledding and ice-skating at Boston Common. There’s never a bad time to say yes to a solo trip here.

Here are 5 reasons why Boston has been named one of the best for solo travel:

boston sunset views


Overall, the city of Boston has pretty low crime rates compared to some others in the States. As a popular spot for tourists in general, you’ll always see many visitors strolling the streets looking for the best lobster rolls. 

Home of the Freedom Trail, it’s no wonder solo travelers feel the relaxed freedom of exploring a new city without feeling unsafe. Boston thrives on tourism, with Segway tours and duck boats making their way around the winding streets.

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city of boston

Like any big city, it’s always important to remain vigilant and avoid some areas at night, but those traveling solo shouldn’t feel nervous walking around at night: especially in the busier areas. It’s pretty typical to see people alone around Boston: locals and travelers. 


If you’re new in town, there’s A LOT to do in Boston. Start your day by taking a historical walking tour along the Freedom Trail with your colonial tour guide. Stroll through the cobblestone streets in the North End and grab a famous cannoli. Enjoy a legendary game at Fenway Park before venturing to take a whale-watching tour. 

Whatever you’re interested in, you’re sure to find it in Boston. With a huge diversity of people with various interests, the city has so many activities during all seasons of the year.

uincy Market dates back to 1825 and is a major tourism destination in Boston.

Diverse Neighborhoods 

If the array of activities was anything to go by, wait until you experience the various neighborhoods within the city and its outskirts. Each area feels like a new state in some way: different cultures, languages, foods, and scenery. 

Within the city, be sure to visit Beacon Hill, the South End, or North End for brownstone buildings, good food, and quirky streets. (During Halloween is an especially good time to visit, as neighbors go head to head in the battle of the over-the-top decorations!)


If you want a little escape from the city life, hop on a boat to Salem or Cape Cod, or take a short train ride to Cambridge, Harvard, or Brookline. You’ll still see the historic charm of Boston portrayed in the buildings, but you’ll see charming bookstores, quaint cafes, and new people to meet.


Bostonians are known for their proud nature and fierce work ethic, but don’t let this fool you. If you sit alone in a local bar long enough (especially during game day), you’re bound to get chatting with someone. With a large population of expats too, there’s always someone to talk to. 

Boston Public Garden at dawn. George Washington statue and downtown city skyline in background

You’ll find that Bostonians are incredibly proud of their winning sports teams, city, and its history.

All of the tours around the city are incredibly animated, with a hint of that Boston humor in there too.

woman in boston

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