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Your modern guide to downsizing, decluttering and creating the freedom to travel more!

Who says minimalism has to be boring?

She quit her 200k job and sold it all to travel the world. Kashlee Kucheran had a glamorous life. The house, dream job, the fantastic wardrobe. Discover the soul-crushing moments that lead to Kashlee letting go of everything she knew for a life of experience rather than materialism.
Her inspiring ‘how-to’ guide delivers real-world advice on how to clear out all the clutter, and live a freedom based life. Grab your copy of ‘The High Maintenance Minimalist’ now!

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High Maintenance Minimalism

Through hilarious stories and insightful guidance, this book will teach you step by step how to:

"This book is a must-read for anyone looking to have more freedom in all aspects of their lives. It's packed with tools that you can start using from day one, it's hilarious and it's real. The book is hands-down the best and most practical guide to having more control over your mindset and finances that I've ever read."
Natalie Ellis
Serial Entrepreneur + CEO of Boss Babe Inc.

About Kashlee

Kashlee Kucheran is a well known lifestyle and business mentor, who has inspired many to create their own life of freedom and abundance. She traded her real estate and finance careers to travel the world full time with her husband Trevor.
She blogs at Travel Off Path about selling her house, 90% of her things and embracing the minimalist lifestyle.
When she isn’t on a plane or in a hotel, she’s based out of Kelowna, BC Canada.

The High Maintenance Minimalist

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