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These Are The Top 5 Airlines According To The U.S. Department Of Transportation

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Choosing which airline to fly with when presented with multiple options can be quite the undertaking, especially if prices are all similar. However, some tend to perform better than others, so why not fly the best?

Based on the Air Travel Consumer Report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation, these five airlines rank the highest in the USA based on timely arrivals and liberal luggage allowances, therefore, reliable services.

Delta plane on runway

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines’ entire network ranks first with the highest percentage of on-time arrivals, with 81.8% of its 147 airports rarely leaving its passengers in the dust.

The airline’s branded codeshare partners highly contribute to its remarkable performance, garnering an outstanding punctuality rate of 85.6%, further solidifying Delta Air Lines as the number one choice.

Additionally, U.S. passengers traveling on domestic flights can bring a standard check bag weighing 50 lbs (23 kg) on each part of their journey for a fee of $30 and an extra one of the same size for $40 if they wish. Passengers traveling light can carry one bag and a small personal item at no expense. 

What further makes this airline stand out is allowing passengers to bring a carry-on bag, an extra item free of charge, and free Wi-Fi!

Delta Air Lines Flight

Alaska Airlines

In second place is Alaska Airlines Network, with a trusting overall on-time arrival ratio throughout all 87 airports of 77.3%.

More notably, Alaska Airlines’ branded codeshare partners sustain an exceptional on-time arrival rate of 86.7%, boosting the carrier to greater heights and further showcasing a commitment to reliability, thus, making it a tempting choice for those with wanderlust.

Mirroring Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines also charges $30 for the first checked-in bag of 50lb and $40 for an additional one for those traveling domestically. However, the third bag weighing the same amount costs $100 to bring on board. Baggage for international flights varies in price.

Beach lovers will also be happy that the airline recently launched four new flights to Mexico and the Bahamas!

Alaska Airlines Flight

American Airlines

Third up is American Airlines, with a vast network of 122 airports ensuring that 72.9% of its airlines arrive as promised. The branded codeshare partners of the airline contribute to its overall performance, maintaining reliability due to having on-time arrival rates of 81.9%.

Moreover, since last month, this airline also charges $30 for a check-in bag weighing 50lb and $40 for an extra for domestic flights only. However, those voyaging to Europe and the Middle East will have to pay the price of $75 for one bag, with the second bag costing $100.

American Airlines Flight

United Airlines

United Airlines attains the fourth position, with all 104 airports gracefully soaring and landing 75.3% of its flights. The operator’s codeshare partners promote this statistic, facilitating a 77.4% timely landing performance.

Carry-on bags such as other personal items, including laptop bags, jackets, umbrellas, books, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, car seats, and camera equipment, are cost-free. Similarly, domestic flights for economy passengers need to pay $35 for a 50lb checked-in bag and $45 for a second.

Lucky travelers who have earned enough status are eligible to bring up to three 70lb checked-in bags when traveling to most countries at no cost, making the airline an extremely excellent choice for those frequently moving around in style with lots of luggage.

Note: Passengers traveling to San Salvador, Havana, Santo Domingo, Managua, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, and Guatemala City can only bring two checked bags of 70lb without paying fees.

United Airlines Flight

Southwest Airlines

Rounding off the list is Southwest Airlines, famous for its affordable fairs and dependable customer service. Serving 107 airports 73.4% of the time promptly, providing pleasant travel experiences frequently.

Despite the rate being slightly lower than the airlines mentioned above, the carrier sets itself apart from the above four airlines by offering generous baggage allowances. Customers traveling elsewhere in the U.S. can bring two 50lb checked bags at no cost, including golf bags and skis. Those wanting an extra suitcase or more onboard must fork out an additional $75 apiece.

Southwest Airlines Flight

Flying to Greater Heights

As we end this journey through the skies, it’s apparent that Delta Air Lines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines rightfully secure their places as triumphing air travel in the USA.

Spreading their wings wide, these carriers have conquered the art of arriving promptly with a decent amount of baggage onboard, ensuring travelers can enjoy their vacations hassle-free.

These true avian maestros swiftly transport USA travelers away on seamless journeys, leaving passengers longing for their next adventure.

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Rishiv Ganesh Tadiparthi

Saturday 22nd of July 2023

American, Delta,United, Southwest and Alaska airlines.

Francis Williams

Saturday 22nd of July 2023

I totally disagree!! Jet Blue airlines should definitely be on top of the list


Monday 24th of July 2023

@Francis Williams, Agree!

Mr Bentley

Monday 24th of July 2023

@Francis Williams, I 100% agree!!