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Why You Should Not Visit Maui Right Now Amid Wildfires

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Among the global travel scene, the Hawaiian island in the central pacific ocean, Maui, continuously emerges as a must-visit destination for tourists.

With its diverse landscapes, pristine beaches, immersive cultural experiences, and marine hotspots, who wouldn’t want to go there for a lush tropical hideaway and a journey through history and nature?

Unfortunately, now is the worst time to embark on a trip to Maui. Here’s sadly why. 

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Deadly Wildfires are Burning Down Maui

The tropical paradise of Maui is under siege alongside the Big Island. Rampant fires caused by the weather have left the cherished tourist town Lahaina in ruins, forcing terrified tourists and residents to seek refuge in the arms of the sea.

Since yesterday, the flames have taken the lives of at least 36 people and more than 270 beloved buildings in the main business district of the area.

Hawaii had previously been highlighted as having heightened fire risk caused by prolonged dry conditions, powerful winds, and low humidity — creating a concerning ‘tinderbox’ scenario.

Most wildfires are human-driven, highlighting the need for stricter regulations on land and proactive fire prevention measures.

As the global climate worsens, regions like Maui face heightened danger, turning tropical paradises into battlegrounds confronting nature’s wrath.

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The Forceful Impact of Hurricane Dora

Despite being well south of Hawaii — 900 miles from Honolulu — Hurricane Dora has dramatically contributed to the surge of wildfires, steadily moving westward into the Pacific Ocean.

Dora has posed no direct threats to Hawaiian landmasses; however, its influence on the atmosphere is more than noticeable.

The winds across Hawaii resulted from the pressure gradient created by Dora in unison with a high-pressure area, enhancing wind gusts exceeding 70mph, intensifying the wildfires as a consequence.

Such circumstances spotlight the indirect yet profound implications of large weather systems, presenting how hurricanes from afar can create natural disasters and deadly conditions from faraway shores.

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Reconsider Non-Essential Air Travel to Maui

Hawaii’s administration responded to the wildfires rapidly, setting a state of emergency in motion and issuing advisories against non-essential travel immediately.

Tourists planning to travel to West Maui — the second-largest island in Hawaii — in the coming weeks are strongly advised to consider rescheduling their travel plans until later.

Maui’s Kahului airport currently remains open. However, due to continuous flight delays, it’s now full of tourists and locals waiting to depart from Maui to other countries and islands.

American Airlines and United Airlines are canceling all inbound flights to Kahului Airport. However, the airline will fly passengers back to the mainland.

Delta Airlines has added two extra flights to transfer customers from flights canceled on August 8.

Visitors and residents should double-check that their current flights are still running and for assistance to make new flight arrangements.

At this time of writing, travel to other parts of Hawaii, like  Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi, continue as usual.

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Health Facilities in Dire Straits

Maui’s wildfires are stretching the island’s healthcare system beyond its capacity, underscoring its vulnerability in the face of severe acts of nature.

Maui Memorial Medical Center is at the forefront of the medical services available, with a rising influx of patients agonizing over burns, smoke inhalation and other fire-related injuries.

Many patients with critical cases have been transferred to Oʻahu, presenting the adaptability and agility of the healthcare systems — but also raising concerns about long-haul preparedness.

The healthcare facilities, on high alert, are significantly delayed following high medical service demand, emphasizing the need for infrastructural investments and proactive planning to safeguard the strength of health services if such crises occur again.

Nonetheless, the healthcare professionals provide a ray of hope, endorsing the community’s and travelers’ faith in the medical guardians.

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Hotel Evacuations and Temporary Accommodations

Power outages spurred by the fires are widespread throughout the island, with several resorts reporting now being out of power.

Tourists were evacuated from the popular hotels, with more than 4,000 tourists wanting to escape the chaos being placed at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu until further notice.

On top of flocking to emergency shelters, many people are sleeping in their cars and a Walmart that initially only opened its doors for evacuees to use the bathrooms. 

The famous Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa has said it’s not accepting guests until at least August 11, 2023.

Those who have planned to travel to other parts of the island and the Kohala Coast should reach out to their hotels for updated information regarding how their travel plans are affected.

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